To oppose the massive apartment complex at 547 E. Genesee Street

Dear Fellow Citizens of Fayetteville:
We need your help. A massive apartment proposal from Morgan Management / O’Brien and Gere at 547 E. Genesee St. is on the table again despite being withdrawn in 2015 after widespread opposition. The matter is now being considered by the Fayetteville Planning Board and Village Board of Trustees. Please consider that:

  1. This proposal is for 200 apartments units (all full market price), developed on only 25 acres of buildable land. There will be no private ownership at all;
  2. The proposal calls for five 3-story buildings of a scale and character unlike anything else found in the village;
  3. At full occupancy, there will be a minimum of a 13% rise in the village population virtually overnight, at a density over 5x greater than the rest of the village, squeezed into one small parcel;
  4. Around 500 parking spaces are proposed just over 1000 feet from a busy intersection at Rt. 257 and E. Genesee St., exacerbating commuting traffic woes;
  5. This area is zoned industrial and is contaminated from past use. The contaminants have been contained and pose no additional risk to human health if left undisturbed. However, this proposal calls for a minimal additional cleanup which will only be legally suitable for surface rental units as the lower layers of soil will still be contaminated. The developers are asking future citizens of Fayetteville to live on polluted land!
  6. Finally, the F-M school district has not revised its written and public opinion from 2015 that such a large development would increase enrollment markedly, putting a great strain on its buildings which are already near full capacity. (Click to read the latest 2018 letter from F-M School District concerning district capacity.)

This latest proposal is nothing more than an attempt to shoehorn a dense, over scaled residential development into a small, polluted area which will have a negative effect on the quality of life in the village and strain its resources, including the schools. This land is more suitable for an alternative development based on its past use and current zoning.


Sign the Petition

By submitting my electronic signature below, I strongly urge the Village of Fayetteville Planning Board and Board of Trustees to reject the current PUD application for the proposed apartment complex at 547 E. Genesee St. (Rte. 5) within the Village of Fayetteville. The proposed massive, high density development is incompatible with our historic character as a small village. It would detract from the quality of life for citizens due to the high volume of traffic it would generate near a stressed intersection, the strain that the increased population would put on public services including our schools, and the adverse impacts placed on the natural resources and neighborhoods adjacent to the site. That only partial remediation of environmental hazards has been proposed, and not even documented fully in the application, is unacceptable and is insufficient to render this site safe for human habitation.